One of the points were not mentioned in business is the importance of teacher groups. You can hear or read about everything a mentor is needed to take a step forward for your business.
When I'm working with my employees or collaborators realized that I discover many more things than when working alone. You can get more even if the partners have to work. With partners can share customers and promote cross. This way you can also encourage many more people and offer larger and more diverse product solutions.

But the best point is that you can share ideas. Enlarge or view and can improve its mission and strategy. You may know things you have never thought of before or may even realize that something you thought was useless or not important good place for your business. You can also discover their flaws and qualities. This way you can reduce your error rate and lessons learned have continuous outcomes.

Your partners can also play the role of a client that provides useful information about your products and services. You can know in advance if you are on the right track or if you need to change part of your business. If each pair has a different mentor can share different experiences and improve their skills. In addition, if the couple has the same teacher you can discover something that does not pay attention to. It's like when the school plays with her schoolmates are made. You have better results and a shorter and faster way.

There are basically two ways to establish and maintain relationships with their partners.
The first is an unstructured way, ie contact them when a suggestion or support for a solution is needed. This is very typical when every day call one or two of the best partners through Skype or Messenger. The second is a way structure. This is suggested when the number of couples talk to at the same time is greater than 2.

These groups are called partners teacher groups. Mike Filsaime has always claimed that its success was also based on mind control groups. Discover who knows less when working alone. But teacher groups, being a structured form of partner, should be organized.

You must have an agreement before starting a group of experts. There must be a memorandum of understanding, the rules to follow to be loyal to the other partners and not infringe the claims of property protection. You also need to commit to being active in your mastermind group. This means you have to propose ideas and initiatives, and to ensure their presence at meetings.

Meetings are the moments in which the partners share ideas and support. These must be held at least once every two weeks. Each week would be ideal. The length should not exceed two hours as we know human concentration will not last long.
meetings be structured, ie, there should be an agenda in place.

Two roles must be defined and covered at all times. One is the role of the president, that is, the person who will prepare and distribute the agenda, to prepare the meeting infrastructure (ie, he / she should check the Internet connection and details chat room) to prepare and providing material support to forward extraordinary standards, to report changes or special details, to collect data for meeting minutes, to provide follow-up to the meeting, etc. There are many other things that a president should perform and they depend on the way the scope of the meeting is. The second function is the time keeper. This is the person who controls the time of each conversation. It is important that the conversation is controlled, ie, not all people are talking at the same time and which will speak mentioned in the agenda (when, whoever he is and what).

The best solution is to discuss each time on issues, themes and issues related to one of the members. This is especially suggested before a release of new products. At that time all partners can provide suggestions, tips and tricks and other ideas to improve the release.

There are also ethical rules to follow. You give any examples but you can use your imagination or focus on your needs to think about other points. His goal is that everyone is committed to supporting others in promoting the sharing customers, secrets, ideas, etc. It is intended that everyone respects others without revealing secrets or outside the group strategies and not even if unauthorized use. Your goal is that you can provide help in forums, groups with customers, especially in difficult times.

Is appreciated that you have a database where all the minutes of the meetings are stored and eventually, tools and materials to be shared. A forum for members only need to configure and everyone has to commit to be active. Several groups start very well and in a few weeks you can see that the forum has almost no new message. A moderator for the forum must assign each week. Forum posts to be mentioned in the agenda of upcoming meetings and finally assigned to a priority or a person if it is related with problems to solve.

Never think that meetings are useless. Sometimes I have heard conversations you thought were pouring quality and in the end I found a single solution for my company which saved me time and money. Mind control groups are really the secrets of businessmen, even those that everyone who already have a good deal in place.

Another positive point is that you can ask the members of his group to provide a testimonial for you for your next product launch and support their credibility and notoriety post in forums, write articles and press releases about their products, maybe Instead of a good JV commissions. The price is really worth. With its partners you can also share their training materials and discuss the new strategy to create together. Sometimes you can actually modify or change its business model.

What is important to keep a group of experts is to ensure mutual respect and correction. You can also start a group of experts with any of its customers or students (if you are a coach), and discover how much more you can also learn from those who are expected to have less experience than you. You have to have a constant learning approach, ie, any discussion should provide ideas and suggestions for your next business. Basically

For you Mastermind groups need to have a chatroom, a forum and a database (a space on the server) where to store your typical information. You can only improve your business, if you have a group of experts. Do not isolate yourself and be sure to know everything and have no defects. Talk to other people who can really discover yourself better and notice something that was hidden in it so far.